The Money Tree

The Money Tree
3'-0" x 2'-0"
money sticky-tacked to foam core
May 2016
London, Ontario
Jim Kogelheide

In the fall of 2015, I began writing stories for a new community magazine called the Byron Villager.  The story of 'The Money Tree' will be appearing in this magazine in the upcoming July, 2016 issue.  Since most of you won't have access to this magazine, I'm sharing that story here...

Colour Our World

Red!  Purple!  Yellow!  I can’t help getting excited when I think about all the wonderful blooms that ushered in the spring season at Jorgenson Park, this year!! 

Last fall, thanks to the City of London’s Adopt-A-Park program… and many residents, close to 500 bulbs were planted by the tennis courts and nine trees were planted around the children’s wading pool.  These efforts made for a spectacular display of colour that many Byron residents were enjoying throughout the first weeks of May.

After the snows began falling, last year, continued community plans began to take shape, leading to another tree planting event that unfolded on Sunday, May 15th.  For several months, fundraising efforts along Guest Ave., Byron Blvd., Boler Baseline Rd., and Brock Street took place and residents generously collected a whopping $668.56 in order to purchase even more trees for Jorgenson Park!

Residents were able to purchase 3 Ornamental Pear trees, 2 Red Bud trees and 7 Burning Bushes.  The bushes were planted along the west side of the baseball field and the trees were planted in the south-east corner of the field.  Organizers felt that it was important to add a few highlights of colour to the park as the trees will bloom each spring with brilliant pinks and whites and the bushes will turn deep shades of red and purple each fall.
London, Ontario Mayor Matt Brown accepts 'The Money Tree' when presented to the city by Byron residents!

The money that was collected had to be given to City Hall in order to make these purchases and a very interesting presentation was created.  When Mayor Matt Brown and Ward 9 Councillor Anna Hopkins found out that the money was used to create an image of trees and the Earth surrounded by a blue sky they decided to join Byron families and take part in this event!  “It makes me smile to know that so many families got involved to make this great park even better!”

Parks Projects Co-ordinator, Vanessa Kinsley, was involved in last year’s events and when she learned that residents wanted to plant even more trees she knew that she had to get involved again!  Kinsley was able to purchase the trees and arrange for their delivery as well as provide all the wheelbarrows, shovels and mulch that was needed.  Throughout the event, Kinsley was able to share her experiences so that the many Byron Northview students who were planting their very first tree, learned how to do it right!

John Richmond, the principal of Northview Elementary, sent out invitations to parents and because of this effort over 75% of those in attendance were families with students who attend this nearby school.
Even my parents came out to lend a hand (shovel)

With so many people getting involved, it is easy to see that our united love for Nature and our growing desire to strengthen our local environments is unfolding in the most spectacular of ways.  Let’s be inspired by all of the actions that led up to this event as we continue to look for more ways… new ways… community ways, to colour our world so that our children can look forward to a brighter future!

Jim Kogelheide
May 2016


Update May 2017

Just recently, I took a few photos of these
trees and bushes so I could show how
this project has progressed.

Here they are....


  1. Well Done! Thanks very much for your leadership!
    B&D from Brock St.

    1. I trust that you and your family will enjoy these trees and bushes for many years to come!!!! :)