Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Lots and Lots to Share.....

This has been a very busy summer - especially at my wife's new business Happy Tails!
It has been very difficult for me to find time to make simple posts on Facebook and it's been even more difficult to add more material to this blog!

Good thing there's so much here for everyone to see!!

So... to make it up to all my blog readers, I've just spent the last four hours preparing and uploading this very special post.

I've created a page that showcases one of my newest artworks...

... and tells how it is now involved in the Westland Gallery's 'Square Foot' exhibition.

I've included many other 'Square Foot' artworks created by other local artists and I'm sure that you will enjoy all that I've posted to share with you.

I've included a couple of other links that will tell the story of some of my other artistic endeavours and I've added 4 very special links near the end of this story.  They will take you to 4 other stories, also filled with many more artworks to enjoy.

In total - if you follow all the links in my story The Square Root of Light - you will see 40 original art creations and read a total of 5 interesting stories related to art, our environment, inspiration and passion!

This should keep everyone busy for a little while... at least until my next post!!!!!


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