Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hello Russia and France!

I always find my statistics to be very interesting.  Sometimes most of my views will come from a few countries for a week or so and then people in another country dominate my stats for another week or so.

But recently, most of my views are coming from Russia and France!!  Hello!!!!
These stats have been dominating for well over a month and half!  Interesting!

It would be very interesting for me to learn a little bit about who is enjoying my art, photos, videos and community tree planting adventures, so I'd like to ask anyone and everyone to send me an email to say 'Hello!' to me!

My email address is

When you email me be sure to include a mailing address so I can send to you a small 'Thank You' package, filled with a few of my peace Stik-ers and maybe a poem or a copy of the magazine that I write for.  I love sending fun packages around the world!!!!

I'll chat with you soon....

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