Tuesday, 18 April 2017

All About Earthday!!!!

All About Earthday… ummmm – Earthweek!!!

It’s spring!  It’s time for flowers!  It’s time to share stories about how my family celebrates Earthweek...

This first story (invitation) is about how Happy Tails is working in partnership with several local groups to celebrate Earthday!  The photo below is now appearing in the April edition of the Byron Villager magazine.

This next story (invitation) is also appearing in this month’s Byron Villager magazine!

This next story is also from this month’s Byron Villager magazine and it shares the adventure about how one Kindergarten class at Byron Northview Elementary school is learning about how precious our oceans are.

Just recently, the Villager magazine (that I write for) expanded and is now in publication for the residents in the Komoka/Kilworth/Delaware communities.  This April’s edition is only the second issue and I am very excited to share some of the stories that I helped students attending the Delaware Elementary School to write… all about their appreciation for Mother Nature.

This final story is about how I taught Devon to be a guerrilla gardener, yesterday afternoon!

So – if you were looking for some Earthday inspiration, I’m sure that these five unique stories will fill your heart and mind to realize that each one of us has the ability to get involved in our communities in positive ways to make a difference that future generations will be proud of!


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