Sunday, 15 April 2018


For a period of time, I found that poetic phrases spilled from my tongue with ease and during this period of my life I wrote a nice collection of poems.  I used to lay them out on a sheet of paper and print several copies.  Whenever I wrote a letter to a friend I would write in on the back of the paper with a poem on the reverse side.  I thought it was a fun idea!

Just last week, I had a need to write to a friend and remembering the pages I had made many years ago, I went digging through some old files.  This is when I uncovered this poem.....

Since, April has always been Earthmonth for me, I thought that this poem would be a nice addition to this blog to inspire people to remember that each of us has a responsibility to build a more peaceful future for our children!

What I like about this poem, is that it is filled with hope and passion.... but not in a fairy tale way.  You will notice that I am not afraid to shine light on the facts that humanity will have to pay the price for it's degrading relationship with our Earth... but hope and love will rise from the ashes.....

Please enjoy!

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Devon's Joke 2018

Can you believe it?!!!!  Devon's only 6 years old and he's already made two stop motion animation films!!!!  Quite an achievement!!!!

We worked very hard, over the March Break that just passed, to make this film and we both hope that it will bring a smile to your face!!!!!

Please enjoy.....

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Here Comes International Peace Day!!!!

I love the fact that I'm able to share so many inspirational stories with so many people - both locally and from around the world!  One way that I do this, is by writing stories for the Villager magazines.  There are several in London and I usually write for the Byron Villager, Lambeth Villager and occasionally the Kilworth/Komoka/Delaware Villager.

One of my monthly features is called 'Feet On The Street'.  I pose a question of the month and then ask people to answer them.

With International Peace Day approaching, my question was about PEACE and what people do to bring a little bit of it into the world.

Just follow this link to see what people had to say about this subject.....

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

All About Earthday!!!!

All About Earthday… ummmm – Earthweek!!!

It’s spring!  It’s time for flowers!  It’s time to share stories about how my family celebrates Earthweek...

This first story (invitation) is about how Happy Tails is working in partnership with several local groups to celebrate Earthday!  The photo below is now appearing in the April edition of the Byron Villager magazine.

This next story (invitation) is also appearing in this month’s Byron Villager magazine!

This next story is also from this month’s Byron Villager magazine and it shares the adventure about how one Kindergarten class at Byron Northview Elementary school is learning about how precious our oceans are.

Just recently, the Villager magazine (that I write for) expanded and is now in publication for the residents in the Komoka/Kilworth/Delaware communities.  This April’s edition is only the second issue and I am very excited to share some of the stories that I helped students attending the Delaware Elementary School to write… all about their appreciation for Mother Nature.

This final story is about how I taught Devon to be a guerrilla gardener, yesterday afternoon!

So – if you were looking for some Earthday inspiration, I’m sure that these five unique stories will fill your heart and mind to realize that each one of us has the ability to get involved in our communities in positive ways to make a difference that future generations will be proud of!


Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Make a 'favourite'

This website is very new and since I have close to 20 years of art, music and stories to share with you, it is easy to realize that many more posts are still to come....
Mark this page as a 'favourite' and visit again and again to see the many inspiring efforts that will fill your heart with love and peace, as we work together to create a better world for future generations!



Once I had a vision that shone so bright.
It opened my eyes that had been shut... tight!
It came as a dream,
form between the seam,
that separates day from night.

My mission was to create a being of bits and peaces,
and my icon's name was not to be Jesus.
Stik was the name that stuck to my mind,
and a world of imagination,
 I was soon to find.
There one where he exists...
and the one behind,
my eyes.

And so, I will fill this space in your time,
As we explore this world of pantomime...
free from grime, slime and crime,
where truth is found in all things sublime.

Jim Kogelheide
A Brief History For Canadian Artist
Jim Kogelheide

After completing studies in Architecture (Toronto) and then Interior Design (London), Jim Kogelheide became acutely aware of our societies need to evolve beyond our Industrial lifestyles that are harming our planet's ecosystems.  After organizing a walk across Southern Ontario - to raise awareness about the clear cutting of the Temagami forestland - Kogelheide searched for ways to share his message and inspiration with others....

He became an artist!

Kogelheide visits Rankin Inlet, Nunavut in 2006 to work on
an art project entitled

Soon after, Kogelheide began a 5 year journey across Canada, working with community groups and schools to create 'Art For Earth' workshops for children.

For the last decade, Kogelheide has continued with these workshops while also building partnerships with many community organizations, here in London, Ontario.

While all of these efforts have successfully inspired many thousands of people from across the world, Kogelheide felt that his message could reach even more... and so, most recently, he brought his message for sustainable living to his largest audience to date while running for Mayor of London in the 2014 municipal election.

Kogelheide's autobiographical documentary entitled 'An Accidental Artist'